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Stay Magical Unicorn Wish String

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Stay Magical! This Unicorn Wish String will keep you Magical all day long. It features a black waxed hemp with string and Silver Plated Star charm. Simply untie from the card, tie on your wrist and make a wish, when the string breaks your wish comes true. Arrives with an envelope should it require posting.

We are Wish Upon A String. We believe in positivity, tied round your wrist, giving you a reason every day to believe in your wishes, hopes and dreams.

We create Wishstring bracelets, tied onto our unique cards, produced in house on 350 gsm card.

Our bracelets are meant to be tied on the wrist, accompanied with a wish, and to be worn every day until the string breaks - and your wish is fulfilled.
All our cards have positive meanings and quotes making them the gift of choice. Perfect to pop into a card, as a lovely surprise.

Email for enquiries: wishuponastring@hotmail.com

Instagram: @wishuponastring